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A Family Tradition of Excellence

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Choosing the right paint for a busy veterinary office

Last Fall, the Laytonsville Veterinary Practice contracted O’Connor’s Painting to re-paint the interior of their offices and exam rooms. Off I went in search to find the best paint product to use for the project. I needed something that offered durability, good coverage, was easy to wash and had a low odor.  What I found was was Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Zero VOC Catalyzed Epoxy commercial coating which had all the benefits I was looking for in a paint product for the veterinary practice.

  1. Zero VOC’s

    Commercial Interior Painting by O'Connor's Painting Service

    Interior rooms painted by O’Connor’s Painting Service

  2. Extremely Durable
  3. Created a hard, tough coating that is super washable
  4. Superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, stains… all things that can occur in a heavily used exam room that has high maintenance
  5. Flowed and leveled to a smooth finish
  6. Comes in egg-shell and semi-gloss sheens

When applying the first coat, it was dry to the touch after one hour. However we did not apply a second coat immediately. According to Sherwin Williams we waited the required 8 hours before applying the second coat. In a busy vets office with animals that can scratch the walls, you definitely want the product to cure properly which takes between 5-7 days before the rooms are put into heavy use.

The only problem I found with this product is that if you let it dry longer than 72 hours before re-coating, you have to sand the surface again.


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  3. Melbourne Painters on August 18, 2015 at 10:54 pm

    They could have given you advice on the type of paint to use especially since it is in a commercial area.

  4. Erick Pete on December 5, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing this informative post. Knowing that will help me choose the right color in my office.

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    Thanks for the info. Always great to tailor your services to the customer’s needs and environment. Durable and washable means a lot to certain businesses and residences! Thanks.

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