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A Family Tradition of Excellence

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Cold Weather Painting Primer

It's cold outside

It’s cold outside

Brr…. it’s cold here in Maryland this week. It sent my painting crews back inside for interior painting after last week being warm enough to paint outside. Now I know it is winter and I shouldn’t expect to be painting outdoors much in January. All those exterior clients will just have to sit tight for a while.

When O’Connor’s Painting Service does get the opportunity of nice weather in cold temperature months, I like to use a Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose Zero VOC Latex Primer Sealer. We started to use this product in the Fall of 2012. It can applied at low temperatures down to 35 degrees farenheit and dries fast in 30 minutes so that it can be re-coated in about an hour.  It’s great for exterior painting and interior painting and can be applied to a variety of surfaces from wood, plastics, laminate, ceramic, cabinets, aluminum, metal, concrete and masonry. I really like this Multi-Purpose Sherwin Williams Primer because of all these factors. At O’Connor’s we have used it personally on block, pvc and wood with excellent results. I will keep you posted on my experience applying it to other surfaces.

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