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A Family Tradition of Excellence

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Trying to Decide between Power Washing or Hand Cleaning Painted Surfaces?

Often it takes a trained professional painter to determine if the exterior paint of your house should be cleaned O'Connor's Painting Service in Montgomery County Maryland example of paint hand or power washed and to what extent.

Scenario 1Your paint job was done about two years ago and you decide to change the color. If there is very little mildew, you may be able to just hand clean the dirty areas.

Scenario 2 – Your house has not been painted in 8 years. When you rub your hand across the surface it is covered with a powdered chalk. Also upon examination you also see black mildew spots. In this case O’Connor’s Painting Service would apply a cleaner for the chalk and mildew surfaces.O'Connor's Painting Service recommends Krud Kutter as an exterior painted surface cleaner We will then power wash the largest areas always using a low pressure. Around windows and doO'Connor's Painting Service recommends Jomax as an exterior painted surface cleanerors, we always clean by hand. Good quality cleaners like Krud Kutter or Jomax can be found at all paint stores, home Depot or Lowes.


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