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A Family Tradition of Excellence

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Painting Aluminum Siding

I’m often asked by customers who have very old aluminum siding if it’s a good idea to paint their siding. I was at a paint trade show recently where I met a large company that manufacturers raw materials for paint. They informed me that paint will hold up on aluminum siding for a good 15 years. I find, unlike wood, where wood can go rotten, siding will hold up very well after painting. It can loose its finish after so many years and start to chalk but in general it holds up very well.  The key to choosing paint is to make sure you use a latex product because of its flexibility because aluminum siding moves.

 When working with aluminum siding we prepare the surface with a cleaner like TSP by brushing it in by hand then power washing the cleaner off.  As the surface is now ready to paint, its time to choose a method.

  • Method 1 is to use a direct to metal primer finish latex product. We apply 2 coats of this for a good cover.
  • Method 2 is to apply one coat of a bonding primer and one top coat of something like a Sherwin Williams Duration product.
  • Method 3 is to apply two top coats of Sherwin Williams Duration without the bonding primer.

 Your next question would be which option is best for my house?

 Choose Method 2:
If after power washing you see any metal showing through or if the siding is really slick to the touch use method 2 with the bonding primer.  Or if you don’t want a flat finish and more of a satin sheen, use Method 2. O’Connor’s Painting usually recommends this satin sheen finish because it more closely matches the original look of the siding.

 Choose Method 1 or Method 3:
If after power washing the siding is just dull and no metal is showing, method 3 is acceptable per manufacturer’s instructions but at O’Connor’s Painting, we like to use Method 1 where we apply direct to metal primer finish.

 At O’Connor’s Painting Service we have much experience painting aluminum siding and which method is best for each individual home. Depending on what color you select for your siding, you might need 3 coats of paint so be sure to alert the contractor to give you a 2 coat price and a three coat price.

 Don’t be scared of hiring a painting contractor  to paint your aluminum siding. It’s a good option to help save homeowners the cost of replacing their whole house siding. Call us to schedule an estimate and we would be happy to give you a quote.

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