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A Family Tradition of Excellence

A Family Tradition of Excellence

Contractor’s Checklist

To help you to select a quality contractor, you should always ask the following questions before contracting for services. O'Connor's Painting Service Fleet

  1. Is the company properly licensed to do business in your state? In Maryland you should call Maryland Home Improvement Commission at 410-230-6309 to see if a license exists for any company you hire. O’Connor’s MHIC# is 36229.
  2. Does the company carry liability insurance to protect against damage to either you or your property? O’Connor’s Painting is covered by Erie Insurance.
  3. Does the company carry workers compensation insurance to cover injury to their employees? They must show you a valid certificate of insurance. Your home must be protected from long term disability claims.  O’Connor’s Painting Service is covered by Erie Insurance.
  4. Is the painting company established and well known in the area? O’Connor’s Painting has been in existence for over 25 years painting homes in Montgomery County Maryland.
  5. Is the painting company seasonal or a year-round operation who will respond promptly is problems arise?  O’Connor’s is a year-round firm so call us any time at 301-963-4226
  6. Does the painting company use full-time employees or do they sub-contract out the work to other individuals or day laborers who are not on staff? At O’Connor’s Painting, all of our workers are permanent, full-time and on payroll.
  7. Can the painting company provide up-to-date references? O’Connor’s always provides references upon request.

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